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Quick Facts

  • Name:     Wally J
  • Gender:     Male
  • City:     Cincinnati, OH
  • Speaks:     English
  • Accent:     American
  • Since:     2010

Demo Files

More about Wally J

    Born in New York City, Wally's family moved to Cincinnati in 1969. He knew from a very early age that radio and being a DJ was his calling. He attended the Radio & TV class at Scarlet Oaks Vocational, during his junior and senior years of high school, and spent a lot of time 'On-the-Air' at the school's radio station. After graduating, Wally has worked at various radio stations in his carreer, including, WRBI - Batesville, IN; WCLU - Covington, KY; WNOP - Newport, KY; WJRZ - Manahawkin, NJ; WRQN - Toledo, OH; WKRC - Cincinnati, OH; WGRR - Cincinnati, OH;. Between radio gigs, Wally DJs and hosts karaoke shows at a local Cincinnati establishment.

    Call 260-710-6363 and we'll put you in touch! WallyJ is available for additional voice work beyond MQP.

    Call 260-710-6363 and we'll put you in touch!