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Quick Facts

  • Name:     Chris
  • Gender:     Male
  • City:     USA
  • Speaks:     English
  • Accent:     American
  • Since:     2018

Demo Files

More about Chris

    I am a voice actor.

    Back when my voice changed 40 some odd years ago people would often say to me “You've got a great voice. You should be in radio!” Well, you start to listen when those people aren't your mom. So back in '78 or so I met a guy who knew a guy at WLGN radio in Logan, OH who told me exactly that and offered me a tour of the station. He indicated they were looking for a late night deejay. So I drove the 40 or so miles down to Logan, toured the station, became mesmerized by the microphone, the trays, the buttons, the knobs, the switches. I could see myself doing that! I couldn't wait to get home to tell my dad about this great opportunity! Well, he wasn't nearly as enthralled as me and I allowed myself to be talked out of the opportunity.

    But I never forgot.

    So...A few years ago I got extensive training in the Voice Over business, built a studio in my home capable of producing broadcast quality audio, and I went to work! You're likely here because your business is looking for a voice for a radio or television commercial. Perfect! But I do way more than just commercial work.

    I can also offer you:

    • Internet Video Voice Overs
    • Automated Attendant Greetings
    • On Hold Messages
    • Pre Recorded Public Address Announcements
    • Anything that requires a voice

    And the absolute core of what I do:

    • eLearning Modules

    eLearning is one the fastest growing segments of this industry. If you're looking for a voice that comes with a lot of eLearning voice over and editing experience, look no further.

    If you want to contact me, please contact Jeff Moore, owner of Moore Quality Productions, at or 260-710-6363 and he'll get us in touch!

    Some of my clients include:

    Exxon Mobil and Circle K
    The State of New York
    Powerstop Brakes
    Flavored Nation