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Q: What kind of quality can we expect?

A: I have been a radio broadcaster for over 30 years. My name is Jeff Moore. I have been in programming, sales, marketing, production and many other radio jobs. I bring a vast amount experience to the table. If it's a sample you seek... Click the "OUR TALENT" link above and hear for yourself.

Q: Do you provide the music?

A: YES, you choose a music bed from our library (at no extra cost), ... Click the "MUSIC SAMPLES" link above to check out our music libraries... you pick or we can... or we can use the music you provide... it's your choice!

Q: Do we have to use all 25 spots a month or can we roll some over to the next month?

A: Use some or all but, there are no roll over spots in this service.

Q: Do you offer imaging and/or voice tracking - cost?

A: Yes to both and the price is negotiable.

Q: Is there an extra charge for multi voice spots??

A: Yes; should more than one voice talent be required for a spot each voice would count toward your monthly total.

Q: If the copy changes on one of my spots, will it cost me extra to have it re-done?

A: There is no additional cost to re-do a spot when it is our error. Typo's, misspellings or copy changes would count towards your monthly purchase. Stations should be diligent about pronunciation and localisms also. Should the copy change on a weekly basis or need to be updated for such as a sale i.e.: "this Saturday" "tomorrow" "today" would count towards your monthly purchase.

Q: How many voices do you offer?

A: We have several different voices at this time. Click the "OUR TALENT" link above to meet them and sample their work!

Q: Do you offer other rates?

A: Sure, we'll charge you more if you want. All kidding aside; we do special projects at reasonable rates but, those are negotiated per job. Our 25 spots @ $175 a month is the most cost effective price we offer. You may only need 15 or 20 spots a month... the cost per spot is a little higher but still both good deals.

Q: Are you market exclusive??

A: Yes, but only upon request and only to the first broadcaster in that market making a monthly commitment.

Q: How long is the turn around on a spot?

A: We endeavor to produce and return all spots as rapidly as possible (sometimes within just a few hours). ALL spots will be completed and returned within one (1) business day (most likely much sooner). Emergencies do occur and there will be times when you NEED a spot done ASAP... "it airs in an hour, can you help?" ... YES, we'll hop right on it and it won't even cost you extra (depending on voice talent availability).

Q: What is the deadline for submitting production?

A: At this time, there are no "office hours"! But, we do ask that if the production has a deadline it be submitted AT LEAST 24 hours before it's due. Production will be done on weekends and holidays but, we do ask that you get your production orders in as early as possible 24-36 hours prior to a weekend or holiday. Remember, one (1) BUSINESS day.

Q: How will we be billed?

A: Via email at this time. We accept checks and PayPal.

Q: Why so inexpensive?

A: To be perfectly honest... we wanted a price that would be very hard to beat and to our knowledge, we have NO direct competitors!! It has been suggested that we have devalued our work. Thus:

The Moore Quality Production Mission Statement 

To provide a little assistance to the radio industry by offering an inexpensive, quality product. To earn a reasonable income for our staff and not try to use others as stepping stones to the brass ring.

If you have any other questions feel free to call or email! - CONTACTS