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While my competitors continue their typical small market approach to production... same two or three - so-so voices on every spot, we dominate the commercial market with help from Jeff Moore.  He and his people deliver top notch, large market sounding production for our clients every time! And the selection of voices is just what we want to keep things fresh and professional on air.  And for a couple a hundred bucks a month! Are you kidding me?  Let the others continue to sound po-dunk and lose.  We chose Moore Quality Production!

Chris Samples, President, Chris Samples Broadcasting, Inc., 98.3 KXDJ, Spearman / Perryton, TX




We were looking for a variety of voices and a change from the usual.  MQP has helped us achieve this. Our radio station is sounding better thanks to MQP with a variety of voices and energy, and our clients and listeners have noticed the change as well.  MQP has provided us with great quality spots with a variety of personalities. MQP has helped us sound more professional and has made our job easier. They are honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious and courteous. Thank You MQP for your outstanding service!

Karen Livingston, Owner, General Manager KDSS, Ely, NV




"If you are a small market radio station manager, Moore Quality Production can solve your multiple voice needs for production. With numerous radio voices, their production is immediate, right the first time, and most importantly-very affordable. I have not found any production service that was priced like them, nor as easy to work with." 

Bill Countryman, General Manager Keystone Broadcasting, Ardmore, OK





"You are awesome! Thank you so much for the awesome production.  I'm looking forward to getting as many voices on my station as possible through Moore Quality Production.  You are truly offering a valuable service to radio.  Thank you for doing it for what you do so even the smallest station can afford it."

Melissa Murphy, General Manager, Eagle Country WSCH, Lawrenceburg, IN




Moore Quality Production is fantastic at voicing commercials and getting them to you quickly... sometimes within the same day and when I have an emergency they step right up. The huge selection of talent makes a big difference for the quality of radio we provide to our clients and our listeners! Thank you Moore Quality! You Rock!!!
Tara Richardson, Account Manager, KCKL 95.9FM and KLVQ 1410AM & 94.5FM




"With the climate of today’s economy and staffing situations in the broadcasting business, I am glad there is a place that can deliver high quality production services, a quick turn-around, and top notch voice talent for my group of stations.  I would have no problem recommending Moore Quality Production to any company.  They truly are the total package."

Toby Scott, Production Manager Keystone Broadcasting, Ardmore, OK





"You can’t beat the price for a professional sounding fully produced ad. I have yet to wait longer than a day for the fully produced and ready to air ad to arrive.   Not only do you get a bunch of additional production voices in your stop sets, you get a new set of music beds too.  Moore Quality Production costs less than a new set of production music!  It will give your station a new sound that makes the advertisers stand out and apart from each other.  Give Moore Quality Production a few of your heaviest playing spots to voice and you’ll quickly notice a better commercial flow.  Free up your sales people’s time so they can hit the streets instead of voicing ads in your studio.  Moore Quality Production is better than a foot long sub and about the same price... and Moore Quality Production delivers world wide!"

Kevin Thomas / Owner KC101 radio Mansfield PA.